Project Description

Boswa brand refresh

Boswa Survival is an outdoor training academy for people of all ages. They offer beginner to advanced training to equip you with the right skills to tackle the elements, and the know-how of using nature to your advantage when in the great outdoors.

 We developed a marketing strategy to appeal to the target audience, then tailored the communication to land a clear, simple message with a strong call to action. We gave their monthly emailers a new modern look, decluttered the content and included interactive elements to the design. As part of the new strategic direction we also conceptualised fresh and engaging content for their social media pages, and redesigned their post templates to ensure that they stand out from the clutter.

The previous Boswa website was old outdated so we gave the website a new design and layout, complete with updated colours and fonts for a  fresh, modern look. We took it from cluttered and overpowering to a visually appealing, mobile friendly and easy to navigate website by restructuring and grouping the content into course specific packages.

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Delivered: Mobile friendly website design, logo animation, social media design, emailer design

Client: Boswa Survival
Dev year: 2020
Handover: 2020